Street Fighter V Match Quitting Will Be Addressed, Capcom Confirms

As Eurogamer reported yesterday, there is currently no penalty for those who quit an online match in Street Fighter V. In a new statement today, Capcom confirmed that they’ll address quitting, but didn’t say when or how:

I can confirm that it is something we are going to be addressing to make the gameplay experience one that all fans can enjoy and be rewarded fairly for.

If you were to quit an online match right now, Street Fighter V won’t register it as a win or a loss, and your win streak will still remain. Quitting doesn’t seem to be a widespread issue right now, but many members of the community have already come up with ways Capcom could address this, including quitters automatically losing the match or being given a temporary ban.

Meanwhile, over on Twitter, the Street Fighter V Server account has been keeping track of the recent login issues, which are now resolved. “If you experience 2100e errors, please retry logging in again. We are trying to stop these from occurring,” they added.

How do you think Capcom should address match quitting?

[Source: Eurogamer, SFV Server (Twitter)]