Far Cry Primal Flintstones Car Easter Egg Discovered

Far Cry Primal is out now, and while we found that it lacks significantly in narrative, the primitive setting is so convincing that we expected to run into Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble at any moment. While we weren’t able to sit down to dinner with Fred and Wilma or get yelled at by Mr. Slate, we did find some evidence of the prehistoric cartoon at the bottom of the lake. Well, the detail in the vehicle may be a little more indicative of the John Goodman live action film than the cartoon, but either way, it’s clear in the video above that Ubisoft hid some pretty cool Easter eggs around the world of Primal

As a bonus, we’ve got a funny video of a fast way to kill Roshani, the leader of the Izila fort. It’s clearly a glitch that launched him that high into the air, but the fall damage made quick work of him and captured the fort without much effort.

Make sure that you check out our review of Far Cry Primal, where I talk about how this is distinctly Far Cry with a prehistoric coat of paint, but that the authenticity of the savage wilds of 10,000 BC made for a disengaging narrative and uninteresting characters. Are you playing Far Cry Primal? What did you think of the Flintstones Easter egg. Have you found any of the Far Cry Primal Easter eggs that Ubisoft has hidden throughout their latest Far Cry Primal? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.