Quick Tips – Far Cry Primal

Our review of Far Cry Primal points out that the story is nothing to paint a cave about, but the primitive open world is a lot of fun to run around in. The latest entry in our Quick Tips series is all about Takkar the Beast Master. With the video above, we teach you how to get the most out of the prehistoric land of Oros, and some good things to remember as you run around putting spears through Udam chests.

If you don’t want to watch the video, allow me to make a few suggestions to help you along. First, take a look at the upgrades for Takkar. Not just the ones you can unlock immediately, but the ones further down the path. Sometimes the best upgrades are hidden behind ones that seem relatively mundane. Second, don’t forget about your beasts. Takkar has a power of the predators in the world, and a saber tooth tiger can do a lot of damage to a full outpost. Not only does he have the power of predators, but he can also use an owl to scope, cause some mayhem, and directly attack your enemies. For more Far Cry Primal tips, make sure to check out the video above.

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