Far Cry Primal Trophy List Emerges Ahead of Launch

On the eve of launch, Exophase has unearthed the comprehensive Far Cry Primal trophy list, revealing 51 accolades in total lurking in Ubisoft’s prehistoric adventure. 

Unlocking each and every one will bag you the coveted Platinum — aptly titled Apex Predator — with the remainder of the trophies accounting for two Gold, 10 Silver and 38 Bronze.

Far Cry Primal launches tomorrow, February 23, across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Our own Chandler Wood had high praises for Ubisoft’s spinoff, stating that “Primal is a shining example of how a game series should advance, with meaningful and broad changes to the status quo while retaining the characteristics of the core game.” Even if the story left much to be desired. 

Here are those 51 trophies in question, per Exophase: 

[Source: Exophase]