Broforce & Action Henk Trophy Lists Revealed

One of the March 2016 PlayStation Plus free games on PlayStation 4, Broforce will have nine Trophies to unlock when it releases tomorrow in North America and Europe.

Featuring Trophies for beating the campaign on hard and punching Satan so hard he explodes, but no Platinum, here’s the full Trophy list for Broforce on PS4:

  • You’re the disease, I’m the cure (Gold) – Finish the Ironbro campaign
  • A very particular set of skills (Gold) – Finish the campaign on hard
  • Area Liberated (Silver) – Finish the campaign
  • You know how I said I’ll kill you last? (Silver) – Throw Satan off a cliff as Brommando
  • Hot Brotato (Bronze) – Kill a terrorist with a returned grenade
  • Your eyes can deceive you (Bronze) – Kill a terrorist with a deflected bullet
  • Shaken, not stirred (Bronze) – Kill a terrorist with a martini
  • The Last Supper (Bronze) – Kill 10 terrorists with a single turkey bomb
  • Rest in pieces (Bronze) – Literally punch Satan so hard that he explodes

A PlayStation Plus Vote to Play runner-up, Action Henk for PS4 will be 30% off at launch on March 8. As Exophase revealed, it also doesn’t include a Platinum, but you will find 15 Trophies in all:

  • Rainbow Legend (Gold) – Earn a Rainbow medal on all levels.
  • Coin Collector (Silver) – Beat all bonus levels
  • I didn’t lose, I let you win! (Bronze) – Beat Betsy’s Challenge
  • Too funky for myself! (Bronze) – Beat Neil’s Challenge
  • I’ll be back! (Bronze) – Defeat Kentony’s challenge.
  • Gnarly dude! (Bronze) – Beat Cedar’s Challenge.
  • Enjoy it while it lasts (Bronze) – Beat Kentinator’s Challenge.
  • 90s Henk Redemption (Bronze) – Beat Action Henk in the City.
  • The floor is lava! (Bronze) – Fall into the lava.
  • The 1% (Bronze) – Beat 99% of all players on a level.
  • Don’t tell me what to do! (Bronze) – Jump over the barrier.
  • Bronze Beast (Bronze) – Earn a Bronze medal on all levels.
  • Silver Slider (Bronze) – Earn a Silver medal on all levels.
  • Go gold, go gold! (Bronze) – Earn a Gold medal on all levels.
  • SUPERHOT (Bronze) – Die 100 times.

As we learned earlier this month, Assault Android Cactus, the third place Vote to Play title, will include a Platinum Trophy and PS+ members will save 30% at launch next week.

Will you try to unlock all the Trophies in Broforce?

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