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Wargaming and Disney Join EA and Activision in Ditching E3 2016 Booths

World of Tanks developer Wargaming and Disney have announced that they won’t be setting up their respective booths at the E3 2016 show floor this year as the event doesn’t seem to fit the direction either of the companies want to take at the moment. A representative of Wargaming told VentureBeat:

From a strictly business perspective, E3 just doesn’t fit our current direction. It’s a show that is very centralized on retail product, and as a free-to-play digital download gaming company, we’ve realized that while the show may be a good fit for lots of other publishers and developers, it’s currently not a great fit for us. And, of course, we appreciate all that the ESA does in their legislative efforts and their work to raise and discuss issues surrounding video gaming as an industry, hobby and way of life.

A spokesman for Disney chimed in stating that the company will be focusing on “additional direct to fan engagements through the summer this year” instead.

Both Wargaming and Disney are the latest to ditch E3 booths this year. EA and Activision have already announced that they will not be setting up their booths at the show floor, but they will still be present at the event.

What do our readers think of their decision?

[Source: VentureBeat]