I Assume Conor McGregor Cured MMA of the EA Curse Probably (Don’t Spoil UFC 196 for Me Yet)


[Image: applejake]

Hey guys, just wanted to say that all this talk about the EA Sports-brand “Madden Curse” spreading into MMA can be put to rest, as Conor McGregor punched and kicked his way to an easy win over Nate Diaz at UFC 196. (I think. I haven’t watched the fight yet.)

Being the shorter man and accustomed to dropping all the way down to 145 pounds for his fights, McGregor used his trademark speed and precision, landing significant strikes almost at will upon the helpless Diaz. The only “Stockton Slap” to be seen on Saturday was Diaz getting outboxed — or at least I’m fairly certain that happened. 

We were all concerned about the mystic power of this curse when longtime bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey went down in the second round versus 27 billion-to-one underdog Holly Holm in November.  Would the same thing happen to Conor McGregor in his first fight since winning the cover shot in his victory over Jose Aldo? The answer is, I’m guessing, no.

Instead, we now pretty much know that the only thing “mystic” in MMA is Mystic Mac, Conor McGregor — a lion among gazelles, a god recognized by other gods. I’m pretty sure it’s stayed that way, and when I finally get around to ordering up the pay-per-view encore, that’ll be confirmed, probably for sure.

We’re all (probably) scratching our heads as to why Diaz never used any jiu-jitsu, but the logical assumption (along with all of the other assumptions in this post) is that he just never had a chance, or perhaps all the talk got in his head and he completely forgot about his best weapon? I don’t know, but don’t spoil it for me!