The Division Brooklyn Safe House Issue Fixed, Ubisoft Gives Workaround to Players Being Blocked

Last night, Ubisoft took The Division’s servers offline to perform some maintenance. As revealed on the forums today, they used that time to fix the Brooklyn safe house activation issue, fix missing roaming groups of NPCs in the Dark Zone, and improve server stability:

  • Fixed the Brooklyn safe house activation issue: Players no longer need to interact with the laptop to complete their activation
  • Fixed missing roaming groups of NPCs in the Dark Zone
  • Various server stability improvements

As for the issue where players would block your progress (see video above), Ubisoft told GameSpot that the workaround is to simply run into them for about three seconds:

If you run into the unfortunate event where other players are blocking your path and you’re unable to enter or exit safe houses or the Dark Zone, make sure to keep this workaround in mind: Players can force their way past (or through) others by continuously running into said players for ~3 seconds. This will result in you passing through their character model, at which point you can get back on mission.

If you missed it yesterday, Ubisoft announced that The Division is the fastest-selling game in their history.

[Source: Ubisoft Forums, GameSpot]