Activision Reveals “The Sound of Destiny” Video Documentary

While there’s a lot of Destiny fans and detractors out there right now, possibly one thing both sides of the coin will agree on is how terrific the game’s audio work has been.

This little nugget hasn’t escaped publisher Activision, as it has now released a video documentary called “The Sounds of Destiny” which, as you can guess, spotlights how the music and foley work was done.

In Destiny, immersion isn’t merely about what you see on screen—it’s the sounds that envelope you as you explore distant worlds, fight powerful enemies, and shape the story of your Guardian. Today, the team at Bungie gave fans an inside look at how it crafted the audio of Destiny with the release of a new ViDoc: The Sounds of Destiny. Watch below to learn more about the performances that defined the characters of Destiny: The Taken King, the technology that drives the in-game experience, and the cinematic music that heightens each engagement. 

The Sounds of Destiny ViDoc was debuted during the latest installment of Bungie’s livestream series.

Also of note, Bungie gave a virtual tour of The Taken King’s Dreadnaught destination in this hour-long video.

[Source: Activision Blog]