Sony Hosting Hiring Event for Lionhead Studios Employees Following Closure

In case you didn’t know, Microsoft shut down one of its first-party studios this week, and cancelled a few games in the process as well. The studio I’m referring to, in case you didn’t know, is Lionhead Studios (Fable).

While it’s never fun to hear of a studio shutting down and people losing their jobs, Sony for its part, is doing something about it. Posting via the official PlayStation Jobs Twitter, Sony announced that its hosting a recruitment event in Guilford so that Lionhead employees (or former employees) can see if they can land a job at one of Sony’s SCEE studios.

This is certainly a good move by Sony to help out people who might be out of a job come month’s end. Let’s hope other companies forego allegiances and whatnot as well when it’s something as important as people’s livelihoods.

[Source: PlayStation Jobs (Twitter)]