PlayStation VR Game Golem Will Alternate Between Virtual Reality & TV Gameplay

A PlayStation VR exclusive, Golem from developer Highwire Games will switch between virtual reality gameplay 2D TV-based gameplay, Lead Designer Jaime Griesemer revealed to IGN.

As Griesemer explained, they know people’s tolerance for virtual reality is something that needs to be developed over time, “and that the first time someone was in VR that you had to get them out of it fairly quickly” – sometimes as early as one or two minutes.

To help build up your VR strength, Golem will have “enforced breaks” where you take off the PlayStation VR headset and use your TV:

The idea with this hybrid system is, anytime you’re doing anything in the UI or in the non-exploration or combat parts of the game, you’re doing it on a 2D screen. We wanted to come up with a way you could keep playing Golem but at the same time get out of the headset… [we worry that] if you spend too much time in VR, you can lose track of yourself and your surroundings.

“We’re trying to do the things that fit in VR in VR and the things that fit on a 2D screen on a 2D screen,” he said, adding that the majority of the game is in virtual reality. Whereas most other VR games are shorter experiences, Golem is a full-length game and needs these breaks.

[Source: IGN]