Hitman Dev Rolls Out Two New Parisian Escalation Contracts

As promised, developer IO Interactive has rolled out an additional pair of Escalation Contracts for Hitman.

Entitled The Mandelbulb Requiem and The Holmwood Disturbance, each Parisian assignment features its own challenges and can be located through the Contracts menu within the game. 

It marks the continuation of Hitman‘s live content, arriving on the heels of last week’s maiden Escalation Contract. Official descriptions of each assignment can be found below.

  • “The Holmwood Disturbance” challenges you to eliminate Faustin D’Aoust with a firearm while wearing the vampire magician disguise. Escalations include adding an additional target, disallowing pacifications, limiting you to a single exit point and adding more security cameras.
  • “The Mandelbulb Requiem” gives you a contract on Michel Charest while wearing a Palace Staff disguise. Making things harder, you will eventually need to find and hack a laptop, eliminate Lance Artois while wearing a different, specific, disguise, dodge more security cameras and finally get around deadly laser tripwires throughout the palace.

Square and IO Interactive’s Hitman Intro Pack is available now on PS4. To find out how Agent 47 fares in his first episode, check out our review

[Source: Twitter, Square Enix]