Dying Light Update 1.03 Adds Co-Op Stability Improvement, First Community Bounty Announced

Reportedly just a 60MB download, today’s Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition update adds a “stability improvement in co-op,” the PlayStation 4’s Update History reveals.

Also today, developer Techland announced the first Community Bounty in Dying Light: The Following: Buggy Frenzy. From March 19 – 20, players around the world are tasked with collectively running over 5 million zombies in their buggies. If the goal is met, an exclusive Gold Buggy paint job will be given out, and all participants will receive a special weapon docket.

Here’s all the details:

Fans can track the cumulative score live at dyinglightgame.com/bounties. The website features a countdown timer to the beginning of the event and a live community score counter. The website will also be updated with the final results of the ‘Buggy Frenzy’ community bounty. Only participating players will be eligible for the rewards. The event runs for March 19th – 20th for 48 hours starting Saturday at 0:01am PST / 8:01am CET. All players across PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One can take part.

Producer Tymon Smektala said, “We’ve also added a little something extra to add to the carnage. We’re giving the buggy some extra hitting power during the event, so smashing zombies will be even more fun. Make sure to give it a try!”

[Source: Dying Light via Gearnuke]