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Dying Light Update 1.03 Adds Co-Op Stability Improvement, First Community Bounty Announced

Get ready for a Buggy Frenzy in The Following.

Dying Light Developer Promises Another Year of Support, New Content in Development

Techland wants to know where you’d like the series to go as it moves forward.

Spoiler Alert – Dying Light: The Following Endings

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

UK Sales Chart: Assassin’s Creed & Dying Light Can’t Stop Black Ops 3

Chronicles and The Following failed to make much of an impression.

Dying Light: The Following Review – Drive to Death (PS4)

Care for a ride?

Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition PS4 Version “Compromised by Spiking Frame-Rates,” Says Digital Foundry

Both console versions have performance issues.

$10 Million Dying Light Spotlight Edition Includes Movie Role, Acting Lessons With Roger Craig Smith

Are you a new player having trouble starting The Following? Follow these steps.

Dying Light Update Today Adds Enhanced Edition Content, The Following DLC Support

You’ll need about 8GB free on PS4.

Be the Zombie Gets Reimagined in Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition

Techland releases zombie time lapse video.

Dying Light: The Following FAQ Details Everything You Need to Know Ahead of Imminent Expansion

Scrub up on your survival skills.

Techland Details International Launch Dates for Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition

Base game will be harder to come by after February 9.

PlayStation New Releases for February 2016 Spotlight

From Firewatch to Far Cry Primal and everything in between.

Dying Light: The Following Gameplay Video Explores the New Countryside Map

It’s twice the size of the original game map.

Nightmare Mode in Dying Light: The Following Ramps up the Difficulty

Experience the nightmare in co-op and earn XP faster.

February 2016 PS4, PS3 & PS Vita New Releases in North America and Europe

It’s another busy month to start 2016!

Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition Goes Gold, New Video Details Bounties

Bounties are in three categories: Basic, Dailies, Community.

This Dying Light: The Following Trailer Showcases How You Can Pimp Your Buggie Out

Customize, modify and upgrade!

Dying Light: The Following Story Trailer Tells of a Prophecy Incarnated

Do you believe in prophecies?

Dying Light Enhanced Edition Update Will Add 250 Legendary Levels, Techland Reveals How They Work

Access is granted after maxing out a skill tree.

Dying Light: The Following Trailer Sets up the Story

Kyle Crane leaves the city walls.