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Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition PS4 Version “Compromised by Spiking Frame-Rates,” Says Digital Foundry

Folks over at Digital Foundry have conducted a tech analysis of Dying Light: The Following‘s Enhanced Edition and have found that the console versions of the game suffer from some recurring performance issues that have appeared in the game since day one. Specifically speaking of the PlayStation 4 version, Digital Foundry notes that the game suffers from the same frame-rate spikes above 30fps that were found in the original release. 

In areas where there is rendering power to spare, such as indoor locations or when looking towards the sky, we see a flurry of frame-time spikes to 16ms. 

This back and forth between 16ms and 33ms is remarkably jarring as the game is effectively rapidly alternating between 30fps and 60fps. This impacts controller input and the general presentation producing a lurching sensation that is highly annoying.

We’re told that the Enhanced Edition disappointingly suffers from this issue even more frequently than before.

Digital Foundry did say, however, that there’s “solid progress” in the latest release but considering that this is the definitive version of the game, the issues deserved to be addressed especially since they aren’t new.

For a full write-up, check out the source link below.

[Source: Digital Foundry (Eurogamer)]