Dark Souls 3 Trophy List Emerges Ahead of Release, 43 Accolades in Total

Three weeks out from the RPG’s arrival, the trophy list for Dark Souls 3 has surfaced online. 

Arriving by way of Exophase, there are 43 trophies, a list that comprises three gold, 13 silver, 26 bronze and of course, the prized Platinum. 

Those who are on media blackout ahead of the sequel’s release should know that the list does contain a handful of story details, mostly referring to the ancient Lords of Cinder. That said, the majority of the trophy descriptions sound just about as harrowing as you would expect. 

Praise the sun! You can find the full Dark Souls 3 trophy list below. 

Dark Souls 3 roars to life on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC come April 12. Will you be journeying into battle against the Lords of Cinder? 

[Source: Exophase]