Smite Open Beta Now Available on PS4

Following a successful closed beta, Hi-Rez Studios announced today that Smite, their free-to-play third-person action MOBA, is now available in open beta on PlayStation 4.

A 6.6GB download, Smite doesn’t require a PlayStation Plus membership. As Hi-Rez previously announced, beta players have instant access to all of the game modes, five gods (Ymir, Thor, Neith, Guan Yu, and Ra), and any gods available in free rotation.

You can unlock additional gods with Favor or Gems, or there’s the Founder’s Pack for $14.99 (regularly $29.99; it’s on sale this week only), which gets you all future gods:

The Founder’s Pack unlocks all current and future gods, and also contains 400 Gems, the Exclusive Ares “Soldier of War” skin, and the Limited Ymir “C4codemon” skin, all for $29.99. It is available for a limited time to players who help test SMITE on PS4 during the alpha and beta. The Founder’s Pack will be discontinued shortly after the official PS4 launch, later this year.

If you’re worried about losing your beta progress, “there will be no data wipe” when Smite fully releases.

Will you be downloading Smite?

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