Guitar Hero Live Update Today Includes Rivals Arena, Rage Quitting Penalties

Now live on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Wii U, with Xbox 360 getting it tomorrow and iOS next week, the March 2016 Guitar Hero Live update adds Rivals Arena, monthly seasons, rage quitting penalties, stability fixes, a song categories screen, and much more.

Requiring a PlayStation Plus/Xbox Live membership, Rivals Arena “brings two new dedicated channels offering competitive GHTV to your gaming console of choice. With an all-new levelling and ranking system plus unique prizes to be won, Rivals Arena invites you to take up the challenge to be number one in the world.”

Here’s the full list of patch notes for today’s update:

Rivals Arena

  • At Level 15, the Arena doors open for business
  • Two new Rival Challenge channels will launch
  • Monthly seasons will pit players against others as they rise up the Divisions to glory from Division 20 to Division 1
  • Win battles to move up Divisions and earn tokens
  • Bonus tokens will be awarded to those with winning streaks and to those playing consecutive matches
  • Rage quitting is punishable by death…. Or loss of tokens. Ragers will also get play against other ragers leading to a weird rage off thanks to new matchmaking tech
  • New seasons will use previous season data and status to determine starting Divisions and give returning players a head start
  • Season exclusive rewards can be won if players reach Division 15 and higher. This includes: exclusive player cards at Division 15, exclusive highways at Division 10 and a legendary-looking version of the player card for those reaching Division 1

Additional Updates

  • Matchmaking – It’s been overhauled to support Rivals Arena and Rival Challenges plus also improves standard matchmaking in GHTV… see that totem fill up
  • Song Categories Screen – No more constant strumming down those lists until your fingers bleed… we now have categories to improve your searching… blisters instead of blood is a significant improvement
  • Song Goals UI improvements – Exactly what it says on the tin
  • Manual Calibration – You asked, we gave
  • Audio Tech upgrade – Those audio guys have twizzled knobs and improved what’s important… the music and sound FX quality
  • Daily Rewards improvements – Check in and see
  • ‘Bling of the Road’ achievement is now blingin’ and achieving as it should be
  • Other achievement fixes to ensure they unlock correctly…. Looking at you “Ohhhh, Pretty”
  • Player 2 glyphs now displaying on correct side
  • Xbox 360 matchmaking fixed
  • Griefing fix…. Yes you could, now you can’t, no exact detail but it’s now fixed
  • Premium Show qualification funkiness fixed
  • Premium Show prizes displaying incorrectly is now fixed
  • Premium Show difficulty resetting when leaving a show and resuming now no longer resets
  • Rival Challenge fixes to incorrect scores, difficulty setting changes, and other UI and menu weirdness
  • Rival Challenges should correctly matchmake and re-matchmake you to avoid playing against the same different skilled players on repeat
  • Technical behind the scenes fixes that sound like good fixes yet make no sense in actual English
  • Post GHTV Tutorial deadlocks have been fixed for those having network problems
  • A number of stability fixes, optimisations, UI and menu fixes across the board
  • Calibration wasn’t resetting properly when players engaged video lag calibration as well. Now fixed… enjoy the cowbell
  • Calibration at basic difficulty wasn’t working as it should, this has been fixed

FreeStyle Games is aware of an issue on PS4 where the game may crash if your friends list is too high. “We’re looking at a hotfix to address this tho a friends cull will help,” they add.

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