The Division Is Exactly Like Destiny, Except That It Isn’t

The Division is exactly like Destiny. Except that it isn’t. I know, I know. I made The Division Destiny comparison in my preview of The Division’s beta. In fact, the title of that very preview states that it is Ubisoft’s Destiny. But I was wrong, and I redacted that very same comparison when I ultimately wrote my review for Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy’s The Divisioninstead comparing it to the likes of XCOM and Diablo III. If they aren’t alike then why are these comparisons being thrown around like knockoff Rolexes on a New York street corner?

In my newest addition to PlayStation LifeStyle’s video lineup — titled This is a Rant! — I offer some insight for why I think other people are thinking that Destiny and The Division are so similar, until you’ve played a ton of each and can easily tear each and every one of those comparisons down. If you’re curiosity isn’t piqued yet, or you just need a little motivation to watch, here are some of the subjects that I cover and then proceed to dismantle with facts and attempts at humor. 

  • Both games are MMOs
  • Loot is prevalent is each one
  • Mute and emotionless characters
  • PVP aspects of each game
  • And not to sound too much like an infomercial, but… 
  • much, much more!

Oh, and Shia Labeouf just might make an appearance. 

How about it? Is The Division exactly like Destiny? Or is the comparison simply being tossed around because it’s a game you can play with your friends? You decide, and then let us know what you think below. If you want to rile me up for more rants, email me, tweet me, or just continue to comment on PlayStation LifeStyle. I’m sure I can find something new to rant about.

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