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Quick Tips – The Division: Best Skill & Mod, Earn XP Fast and More

If you like AAA games and shooters, then chances are you’re knee deep in Ubisoft’s The Division. While the game has a tutorial for almost everything that you need to in the game, it mostly covers the basics. 

In our Quick Tips video series, we’re firing off a bunch of The Division tips straight to you that should help you rank up faster and then some. Check the videos below to help your agent be as badass as he/she can be.

The Best Skill & Mod:

The best skill and mod combo which will give a significant boost to your damage output, and also increase your resistance to incoming fire. 

Earn XP Quickly!

With plenty to see and do in The Division, it’s easy to lose hours and hours without earning much XP. Here’s how to work out which side missions are worth your attention, reaping the most experience in the shortest amount of time. 

Unlock Weapon Skins

Three simple ways to unlock skins for your weapons.

Consumables Are OP!

It may look like a simple bottle of water, or can of soda, but in the midst of battle these consumables boast some very interesting properties, buffing your character and giving you the edge. 

There you have it! Four videos fresh from us that should help you in The Division! What else do you want us to cover in The Division when it comes to tips and tricks? Got your own? Share ’em in the comments below!

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