The Division Gets an Open Beta Trailer, DLC Is Exclusive to Xbox One for 30 Days

With The Division open beta going live on February 19 for PlayStation 4 (pre-loading is available), Ubisoft has brought out a new trailer previewing what you can expect.

In the open beta FAQ, Ubisoft confirmed that those who have the closed beta installed just need to download a small update to be ready for the open beta. Although it’s accessible now, you’ll receive an in-game MIKE error message until the servers are up on February 18 for Xbox One and February 19 for PS4/PC.

As for data, your closed beta progress shouldn’t transfer to the open beta. “Your Open Beta progress will also not carry over to the main game,” Ubisoft adds.

Answering a few other questions, Ubisoft says you have four character slots in the open beta, the level cap for PvE is 8, the level cap for the Dark Zone is 12, there’s no NDA, and 720p and 1080p resolutions are supported on PS4 and Xbox One.

Finally, while we’ve known that Xbox One owners of The Division would be receiving post-launch DLC first, a new video from GameStop confirms the timing. “Content on Xbox One will be delivered 30 days before Sony will see,” an associate says.

[Source: Ubisoft Support, Ubisoft via VideoGamer]