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Tom Clancy’s The Division Character Progression, Experience System and Skills Explained

Catering to various play styles.


Players Can Create Up to Four Characters in The Division

You just have to choose which one you want in the Start menu.

The Division E3 2015

Tom Clancy’s The Division Devs Detail Dark Zone Rogue Status, PvP and More

Dark Zone PvP will support more than nine players.


Horizon Zero Dawn and the Importance of Single-Player Open World Experiences

Not all who wander are lost.


Latest The Division Trailer Explores the “Dark Zone” Story

Nope, definitely not the flu.

The Division Preview 3

The Division’s Dark Zone Allows Players to Play Solo By Adjusting Enemy Challenge, Says Ubisoft

No one will be restricted by classes or loadouts.


E3 2015 – The Division Hands-On Preview: Quarantined Potential

And next year’s sequel, The Multiplication.


The Division Season Pass, $160 Collector’s Edition Revealed

Expect a full year of major expansions and exclusive benefits.


E3 2015 – The Division Release Date Announced, Gameplay Trailer is All About The Dark Zone

Get the game in early 2016.

The Division Preview 3

E3 2015 – The Division Trailer Comes in With Guns Blazing

It’s intense.

The Division Preview 3

The Division Q&A Video Explains Customization and the Loot System

Players will be able to fully customize their character.


Ubisoft’s E3 2015 Press Conference Will Be Hosted By Aisha Tyler, Unannounced Titles & “Big Surprises” Teased

Expect to learn more about Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, Rainbow Six Siege, and more.


UK Game Retailers: “E3 Must Deliver If We Want to End the Year in Growth”

Worried that too many games have been delayed.


The Division Release Date Delayed to Q1 2016, More Info Coming at E3 2015

They want it to meet their high expectations.


Ubisoft Annecy Joins The Division Development, Their Involvement is Being “Kept Secret for Now”

Massive Entertainment is still the lead.


Report: The Division Could Be Getting a Public Alpha

A public Alpha test would be cool.

The Division

The Division Dev Explains the Game’s Graphical “Downgrade” for Console Versions

“I think the term downgrade is a bit confusing”

The Division Preview

The Division’s PvP Multiplayer to Have “A Lot of Balancing Issues”

Hopefully it will still be fair.

The Division Preview 1

Ubisoft: The Division is a “Proper RPG” Game

No shooter with tacked-on RPG elements.

The Division Preview

Ubisoft Massive: “We Don’t Know When” The Division Will be Ready, 2014 was “Too Optimistic”

Managing Director wishes the difficulty of narrowing down release dates could be spoken about more openly in the industry.