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The King of Fighters XIV Roster Includes Athena Asamiya Alongside New Fighters “Nelson” and “Luong”

SNK Playmore has published the ninth teaser trailer for its upcoming PlayStation 4-exclusive, The King of Fighters XIV, unveiling three more characters that’ll appear in its roster. The developer revealed the return of Athena Asamiya alongside the addition of new fighters, Nelson and Luong. Watch them in action in the trailer above.

All three characters have been described as follows:

  • Athena Asamiya – Serious and polite high school girl, Athena fights her enemies by combining her Chinese martial arts techniques and her natural psychic powers. Respecting the KOF tradition, the idol and heroine character that has appeared in every KOF title since “KOF ’94” is back this time with a brand new outfit! Psycho Ball!
  • Nelson – This young boxing prodigy has lost an arm after a terrible accident, but has been able to go back quickly into the ring thanks to a prosthesis conceived based on the last advanced robotic techniques. He fights now in order to seize the crown of World Champion, while hoping every day his partner will come out from a coma.
  • Luong – This fatal beauty with mysterious motivations will lacerate like a whip her enemies in “KOF XIV” with her long legs and kicking techniques!

SNK Playmore has also revealed a new South American stage set to appear in the game. Situated at the foot of the Iguazu Falls, here’s what it looks like:

king of fighters xiv stage

A total of 26 characters have now been confirmed for The King of Fighters XIV, which will be releasing for the PlayStation 4 this year.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]