Mass Effect Andromeda and BioWare’s New IP Look “Stunning,” Says Studio Head

BioWare’s Head of Design & Art, Alistair McNally, has said in a tweet that he recently played Mass Effect Andromeda (the game’s in a playable state) and the studio’s undisclosed new IP, both of which “look stunning.”

In the same tweet, he made a remark about wearing a plain t-shirt which, for those who don’t know, is a reference to his appearance at GDC 2016 last week, which has people scrambling to find a photo of him from the event. In a nutshell, McNally wore a t-shirt displaying BioWare’s new IP to GDC but no one noticed. When he finally revealed that on Twitter, people understandably tried looking up photos of him but no one has managed to find one so far. Sneaky!

Mass Effect Andromeda is scheduled for release during Q1 2017.

[Source: Alistair McNally (Twitter) via GameSpot]