Mass Effect: Andromeda Confirmed to Be in a Playable State by BioWare

With Mass Effect: Andromeda confirmed to ship later this year, news of the title being played shouldn’t be that big of a news, right? Well, seeing as BioWare has been mum on any new development on its space RPG, we’re going to write up whatever we come across.

Fans will be glad to know that according to Lead Producer Cameron Lee, Mass Effect: Andromeda is in a playable state! In fact, he played the first hour of it.

Well, there you go. Someone at BioWare is playing the latest Mass Effect and they’re not even sharing a vid or a screenshot. Kidding aside, let’s hope Andromeda lives up to the franchise’s legacy once it’s release later this year.

In other Andromeda news, some fans have speculated that they now know who will replace Commander Shepard as the franchise’s new protagonist. Don’t forget to check out this alleged gameplay details leak as well. 

[Source: Cameron Lee (Twitter) via PushSquare]