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The VOTE: Nintendo NX Controller Leak – Do Faked Leaks Hurt the Industry?

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Last week was a big week for PlayStation VR, so we wanted to know if you were planning on pre-ordering the headset or waiting it out. 24% of you already have an order in. 27% plan on ordering before it releases. Another 27% might get it sometime after launch, and only 23% of you aren’t even looking at buying PlayStation VR at all. Those numbers are fairly impressive and show that half of you are eager enough to have it day one, and another quarter of you are at least keeping your eyes on the tech. 

This last week we saw the reveal of the atrocious Nintendo NX controller — or at least we thought we did. It turns out that leak was completely faked, with a couple of trolls going all out in some 3D design to fool the masses. While we didn’t report it as news, we reacted to the speculation that it might be real, and many of us thought that the idea was completely out of left field and a terrible design for Nintendo to adopt. Was the leak all in good fun, or did the fake controller cause any real damage to Nintendo and their reputation, as well as the reputations of any sites reporting on it?

Do faked leaks like the leak of the awful looking Nintendo NX controller hurt the reputations of those involved, o… in PlayStation LifeStyle’s Hangs on LockerDome

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