Rocket League Gets Free Dunk House Content in April 2016

After teasing it earlier this month, developer Psyonix officially announced that Dunk House is coming to Rocket League in April, offering a preview in the above gif.

When a user on Twitter asked if Dunk House would be free, Psyonix replied, “You bet!” Another person also pointed out that the new content will miss March Madness, prompting the developer to say, “The first preview was timed during that. Still appropriate timing for the @NBA!”

In other Rocket League news, Design Director Corey Davis revealed that early versions of the game included a crafting system, with Psyonix planning on monetizing it. They ultimately decided to get rid of this idea, which resulted in a delay from late 2014 to mid 2015, but Davis says it was for the best:

Critically, it freed us up to focus on the game and not free-to-play systems.We felt like developing a game as free-to-play was turning us into monetization designers and not game designers, we weren’t really focusing on what was best for the player, but what was best for monetizing the player.

Are you excited for Dunk House?

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