Zen Meteor is Destiny’s Latest PlayStation-Exclusive Weapon, Bungie Talks Reputation Changes

Continuing to peel back the layers of the shooter’s imminent April update, Bungie has confirmed that Zen Meteor will be introduced as Destiny‘s latest PlayStation-exclusive weapon come April 12. 

Billed as an Exotic sniper rifle that appears to shoot flaming bullets, the new armament will arrive day and date with the update, which is poised to introduce Taken-style gear, chroma customizations, a new strike and much more.

Beyond that, Bungie also has plans in place to tweak the reputation system found in Destiny. Posting via the studio’s official blog, Senior Designer Victoria Dollbaum outlined the changes headed to the shooter in a week’s time. 

In the April update, we wanted to improve the player experience in terms of how you earn reputation and how you’re rewarded on rank up. Your time is valuable, so we’ve increased the amount of reputation you’ll gain by completing the activities you enjoy. We’ve heard that some collectors out there weren’t able to obtain the items they were looking for, so we’ve adjusted those too. We’re also hearing your concerns about the reputation booster. Rest assured that the Sterling Treasure is not the only place for players to find these Boosters.

Tomorrow, April 5, Bungie will host the third and final preview of Destiny‘s April update before the new content drops the following week, April 12. 

[Sources: Bungie, Twitter]