Doughnut Drake Won’t Be in Uncharted 4, Naughty Dog Wasn’t “Comfortable Having It in Our Game”

Despite appearing in previous installments, Doughnut Drake will not be available in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End multiplayer.

As Creative Director Neil Druckmann told GamesRadar, “I didn’t want to have a laugh at someone’s expense” and “I thought we’d matured beyond that.” Doughnut Drake was modeled and put it Uncharted 4, but Naughty Dog ultimately decided not to include it:

We had a big debate about it and kind of approached it from all kinds of angles and decided we weren’t comfortable having it in our game.

Druckmann also discussed how they go about choosing the historical artifacts in Uncharted games, saying it’s about bringing “as many to the table as possible,” then testing their potential. While some hit a wall or Naughty Dog loses interest, they spent a good chunk of time on Thor’s Hammer for Uncharted 2.

“What would that mean to do Thor’s Hammer?” he asked. “We would actually do concept art and we got pretty deep down that road.”

Are you disappointed by the lack of Doughnut Drake in Uncharted 4?

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