Microsoft is Ready for Cross-Network Play, Says [email protected] Boss

Nearly a month ago, Microsoft announced that it plans to allow cross-platform play, issuing an invitation for other networks to participate as well. Reiterating its stance, the company told Eurogamer during EGX Rezzed that it’s now ready to offer cross-network play and that the technology is available to make that happen. [email protected]’s European boss, Agostino Simonetta, said:

Absolutely – we’re ready. Rocket League is the first game – and it is a heavily network-orientated game. Last weekend I had a problem with my wife, I was playing too much Rocket League.

But yes, any title that wants to update their game to include cross-network play, any title that wants to launch soon and take advantage of that, we are ready.

When asked how soon PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players will be able to play Rocket League against each other, Simonetta said that the ball is in the developer’s court and that Microsoft has already issued an open invitation. 

For its part, Sony said last month that it’s willing to explore opportunities if developers as well as the PlayStation community are interested in cross-network play between both consoles.

[Source: Eurogamer]