Sony’s Adam Boyes Talks PS4/Xbox One Cross-Play, PlayStation VR’s Value Proposition

In a new interview with GameSpot, Sony’s Adam Boyes has addressed two of the most widely discussed topics in the video games industry this week; the possibility of PlayStation 4/Xbox One cross-platform play, and PlayStation VR’s price

On the topic of PS4/Xbox One cross-play, Boyes said that it’s mainly down to developers and publishers who are interested in enabling such a feature but that Sony is “always willing to have the conversation.” He also said that if it’s something that the PlayStation community wants, then the company would look into it.

What we always do when we’re looking at any feature on the PS4 is really hearing from the community and a lot of the decisions we make on the platform are based on what the community is looking for. So that’s always been part of PlayStation’s DNA and that’s what we’re always going to look for – if publishers/developers are interested if gamers are interested, then we’re always willing to explore a variety of opportunities.

Elsewhere in the interview, Boyes was asked how Sony decided on PlayStation VR’s price, to which he said that contrary to what many think, the company considers PSVR to be “a very value proposition driven device” and considering all that it has to offer, he’s happy with the $399 price tag.

A lot of the conspiracy theorists think that we look at everybody else’s price and then we choose arbitrarily. No, we’ve always thought about this as sort of a very value proposition driven device. Making it a great price that ties into the PS4 to extend that is super-important. So still high-end components, still a great experience, and the game experiences are also super-great. So when all that stuff ties together for only $399, we’re really happy with where we landed for price.

Earlier this week, SCEA President Shawn Layden said that the $399 price gives PSVR mass market appeal to the more than 36 million PlayStation 4 owners. 

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[Source: GameSpot]