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Falcon Age PS VR

Falcon Age Will Swoop Onto the PSVR and PS4 in 2019

Bond with your fine feathered friend.

new evil dead game

A New Evil Dead Game Is Coming, and Bruce Campbell Is Involved

Good? Bad? I’m the guy with the controller.

creed rise to glory release date gameplay

Creed: Rise to Glory Punches Its Way to the PSVR in September 2018

It’s almost like Wii Sports.

psvr 3 million

PlayStation VR Reaches 3 Million Units Sold

That’s a lot of headsets and wires!

Unearthing Mars 2 Trailer

You’ll See Unearthing Mars 2 on the PSVR in September 2018

More mars is coming to the PSVR.

We Happy Few PSVR

Spend Time With Uncle Jack in a Free We Happy Few PSVR Experience

In case you can’t wait to play it.

phillip k dick vr

Phillip K. Dick’s The Great C is Coming to PSVR, and the Venice Film Festival

Can’t wait to slap my headset on and dive into some existential horror.

sega genesis classics vr

Beam Sonic Directly into Your Eyeballs – Sega Genesis Classics Updated with PSVR Support

Gotta go fast, in virtual reality!

Anamorphine launch trailer

Anamorphine Release Date Confirmed, Launch Trailer Arrives

Looks quite promising. I am intrigued.

Star Trek Bridge Crew VR released

Star Trek: Bridge Crew – The Next Generation Expansion Now Available on PSVR

Live long and… put your VR goggles on.

Spice and Wolf VR game revealed

Spice and Wolf VR Game Announced

Another promising VR game. Yay!

New PlayStation VR Games

Sony Highlights 13 New PSVR Games That Are on Their Way

Your answer to “But what games does PSVR have?”

Deracine VR is From Software's New and Different Game

FromSoftware Talks About Inspiration for Their VR Game, Déraciné

Not Dark Souls, not Bloodborne. Just different.

Trover Saves the Universe

E3 2018: Get Schwifty in Squanch Games’ Trover Saves the Universe

Wubba lubba dubba dub, Trover.

PlayStation VR Price Drop

Sony’s Days of Play Event Kicks Off: PlayStation VR for $199, Bundles at $249

I just love the words ‘discount’ and ‘cheap’ don’t you?

ManMade Kickstarter Cinematic Teaser

ManMade PS4 and PSVR Cinematic Teaser Released

New sci-fi-themed VR goodness on the way.

Insomniac Games VR game coming

Creators of Resistance Teasing New VR Game, Full Reveal Next Week

I just want a new Resistance game.

VR Growth is Below Expectation

Sony Says VR Market Growth Was ‘Below Expectations’

VR games still not catching on.

gungrave vr western release

XSEED and Marvelous Reaches Beyond the Grave for Their First VR Western Release

This will take the PlayStation VR action to gravely proportions.

playstation game discounts

Rumor: Sony Could Soon Drop the Price on These Games

Over 25 titles could see a permanent price drop.