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Deracine VR is From Software's New and Different Game

FromSoftware Talks About Inspiration for Their VR Game, Déraciné

Not Dark Souls, not Bloodborne. Just different.

Trover Saves the Universe

E3 2018: Get Schwifty in Squanch Games’ Trover Saves the Universe

Wubba lubba dubba dub, Trover.

PlayStation VR Price Drop

Sony’s Days of Play Event Kicks Off: PlayStation VR for $199, Bundles at $249

I just love the words ‘discount’ and ‘cheap’ don’t you?

ManMade Kickstarter Cinematic Teaser

ManMade PS4 and PSVR Cinematic Teaser Released

New sci-fi-themed VR goodness on the way.

Insomniac Games VR game coming

Creators of Resistance Teasing New VR Game, Full Reveal Next Week

I just want a new Resistance game.

VR Growth is Below Expectation

Sony Says VR Market Growth Was ‘Below Expectations’

VR games still not catching on.

gungrave vr western release

XSEED and Marvelous Reaches Beyond the Grave for Their First VR Western Release

This will take the PlayStation VR action to gravely proportions.

playstation game discounts

Rumor: Sony Could Soon Drop the Price on These Games

Over 25 titles could see a permanent price drop.

psvr features

Sony’s Testing New PS VR Livestreaming and Mixed Reality Features

The company disclosed some of its experiments at GDC.

PlayStation VR price cut drop

PlayStation VR Gets a Permanent $100 Price Cut, PSVR Camera Bundle Starts at $299

Are you on the fence? Now might be the time to buy.

PlayStation VR Gets a Price Drop For the Next Two Weeks, Starting at $199

An opportune time to pick up the headset.

psvr controllers

Sony Recently Filed Patents for New Motion Controllers

We might be looking at new PS VR controllers.

psvr library

Sony Expects PlayStation VR Library to Increase to 280 Titles in 2018

It’s all thanks to its sales success.

psvr trial

Try Out PlayStation VR for Two Weeks, Absolutely Free (UPDATE)

Select PlayStation Plus users can take advantage of this.

doom psvr bundle

Sony Announces DOOM PSVR Bundle, Releasing Alongside Game This December

Get ready for hell!

psvr bundle

A New Gran Turismo Sport PlayStation VR Bundle Is Hitting Store Shelves

Doesn’t include the new headset model.

psvr demo uk

PlayStation Announces “Live The Game” Tour to Promote PSVR in the UK

In the US, in-store demos recently made a return.

DEEMO Reborn

Rhythm Action Game DEEMO -Reborn- Coming to PlayStation VR

It’ll also work on PS4.

psvr demo

PSA: PlayStation VR In-Store Demos Have Returned in the US

Over 200 Best Buy and GameStop locations hosting demos.

PlayStation VR Headset

Revised PlayStation VR Headset Releases Soon, Features Several Upgrades

It’s called CUH-ZVR2.