Will PSVR 2 sales flop?

PSVR2 Sales Numbers Outpacing PSVR, Sony Confirms

Sony Interactive Entertainment has officially confirmed that PSVR2 sales are outpacing the original PSVR’s at the same point in their life cycles. This is the first time the company has addressed PSVR2’s performance despite multiple reports claiming that the headset is headed for disaster.

PSVR2 sales are 8% higher than PSVR’s 6 weeks after launch

SIE CEO Jim Ryan delivered a presentation on Sony’s gaming business yesterday, during which he confirmed that PSVR2 sold through just under 600,000 units in its first 6 weeks on the market. That’s about 8% higher than what the original PSVR sold through, according to Sony’s estimates.

Ryan reaffirmed Sony’s commitment to PSVR2, and said that the company plans to build a robust library of VR games.

Much of the hoopla surrounding PSVR2’s sales have come from analysts concerned about the headset’s price tag and its potential impact on sales. Sony previously denied reports claiming that it cut PSVR2’s production forecast based on pre-orders, but rumors of the headset’s sales failing to impress continued to crop up post launch.

That said, it’s still too early to gauge PSVR2’s popularity. Ryan acknowledged as much in a recent interview with Famitsu, adding that Sony’s happy with PSVR2’s reception.