Transformers Beyond Reality PS VR2 Version Features Enhanced Experience

Transformers Beyond Reality PS VR2 Version Features Enhanced Experience

Developer Meta4 Interactive announced today that the Transformers Beyond Reality PS VR2 version of the game is available and features a ton of major enhancements to the game.

What’s new in Transformers Beyond Reality PS VR2?

In a recent blog post on the PlayStation Blog, Meta4 Interactive VP of business development Michael Zaidan spoke about some of the changes made to the game to fit the recently released PS VR2.

Namely, Zaidan said, the game has seen upgraded details to things like in-game textures, reflections, and atmospheric and visual effects, all while retaining 70 frames per second during gameplay.

Zaidan also noted that the team enhanced “over 30 moments” of gameplay to make things “more engaging” and are utilizing the PS VR2’s Sense controller to improve haptic feedback. Now, instead of an ammo counter popping up on screen, players can feel when it’s time to reload thanks to the controller.

The PS VR2 version of Transformers Beyond Reality is available now on the PlayStation Store for $24.99 for those who have the latest virtual reality device.

Originally released last year, the arcade-style first-person shooter allows fans to step into the shoes of a human fighting alongside their favorite Autobots to save the planet. In the game, you’ll fight against a variety of Insecticons and Decepticons while also partnering up with some legendary characters in the Transformers universe.