Action-RPG Stories: The Path of Destinies Out Today on PS4

The latest title in the Launch Party event, Stories: The Path of Destinies is available today for PlayStation 4 in North America, priced at $14.99. If you live in Europe, there’s a 10% launch discount waiting for PlayStation Plus members.

An action-RPG from developer Spearhead Games, Stories: The Path of Destinies stars Reynardo, who must use his power to travel back in time to defeat the Mad Emperor. “Making judicious use of his enchanted tome,” Spearhead adds, “Reynardo must gather knowledge about the world, its inhabitants, and its treasures if he is to confront the Emperor and live to tell the tale.”

Creative Director Malik Boukhira discussed the different paths the story can take:

As the player, you’re in charge of making all these tough decisions. Each one will not only lead to a unique ending and conclusion to the war, but to an entirely unique story. This means that no single choice ever folds the narrative back onto a known path. This creates more than two dozen different stories that can take you anywhere from romance to Lovecraftian ancient gods and rituals. Reynardo has many fates, which is why the game’s full name is Stories: The Path of Destinies.

Finishing any of these stories is not the end of the game; it’s actually just one chapter in the book that comprises Reynardo’s destinies. Reynardo will need to carefully piece together the information gained from these diverse storylines in order to find the path leading to victory.

According to the EU PlayStation Store, Stories is a 2.1GB download.

Did you spot our quote in the launch trailer?

[Source: PS Blog]