World of Tanks Imperial Steel Update Arrives With Trailer, 15 New Vehicles & 4 New Battlegrounds Added

Those of you enjoying the free-to-play warfare found within World of Tanks, will be glad to hear that the Imperial Steel update has now landed, bringing with it 15 new vehicles and four new battlegrounds. Above you’ll find the official trailer showcasing the newly available armor. 

Here are the specifics on the new vehicles, straight from the press release:

Players can now command 15 new Japanese armored vehicles, renowned for their ability to navigate challenging landscapes with ease. Some of the nation’s most notable light and medium tanks are ready to roll out, like the R.Otsu, Type 95 Ha-Go, Type 98 Ke-Ni, STA-1, Type 61 and the powerful Type 3 Chi-Nu-Kai. Tankers can fully experience Imperial Steel by taking these vehicles for a spin on the stunning Asia-inspired battleground, Pacific Island.

Also hitting the front lines with the new Japanese nation are 16 U.S., German and Soviet tanks, enhancing the PlayStation®4 experience with some of the most celebrated tanks including the German Maus, the Soviet IS-4 and the US T-57. These new vehicles can be tested out on new maps Steppes, Pacific Island, Redshire and Highway, each boasting unique terrain and lots of opportunities for both attack and defense.

Get the update installed and test out the new tanks on four new maps: Redshire, Pacific Island, Highway, and Steppes. 

Which vehicle will you be trying out first? Happy with how the new maps look? Let us know down below!