MLB The Show 16 Update Out Soon as First Roster Changes Debut

MLB The Show 16 has received its first roster update to reflect the opening week of the season, with Sony San Diego aiming to roll out patch 1.03 “in the coming days.”

Announced via the game’s official Twitter feed, the developer addressed ongoing issues relating to “server stability and online play,” while minor offline hiccups have also been targeted. 

We appreciate your patience as we work on the next update for The Show 16. Barring unforeseen setbacks, we’re hopeful we can release patch 1.03 in the coming days.

We are aware of and continue to track and investigate issues relating to server stability and online play, including a “Challenge Failed” message many users have encountered. There are also reports of inconsistent head-to-head matchmaking and some minor offline issues we’re exploring as well. In addition, the first live roster is currently scheduled to be released Wednesday morning.

As always, thank you for your continued support, plus to those who’ve shared feedback with us on their experiences with the game. We will strive to maintain constant communications on the status of the next update as progress is made.

In terms of the roster update, players can download the add-on from today, which introduces the likes of Trevor Story, Kenta Maeda, and Jeremy Hazelbaker of the St. Louis Cardinals to the game. 

We’ll have full details of patch 1.03 for MLB The Show 16 as it goes live in the coming days. 

[Source: Twitter]