MLB The Show 23 PS Plus Trial

PS Plus Premium MLB The Show 23 Free Trial Available Now

MLB The Show 23 is the latest game to get a PS Plus Premium trial. The three-hour trial arrives just a couple of days after Disney Speedstorm also got a brand new trial as the game entered early access and four days after DE-EXIT Eternal Matters was secretly added to the list.

More than 50 PS Plus Premium trials now available

The addition of MLB The Show 23 to the list today makes a total of 52 PS Plus Premium trials available to subscribers. The trial offers the entire game up for players to try, including Diamond Dynasty and Road to the Show, for a maximum of three hours.

After entering early access on April 18, Disney Speedstorm introduced a two-hour trial for PS Plus Premium members. While the game will be going free-to-play in the future, players currently need to purchase Founder’s Packs to gain further access to the game once the trial is over. However, PS Plus members can also grab a free Exclusive Pack that includes the Jack Sparrow Sterling Duelist Suit, Jack Sparrow Sea Vandals Livery, and Sea Vandals Avatar.

Finally, DE-EXIT Eternal Matters was a surprise addition and isn’t even included in Sony’s list of PS Plus game trials. The voxel-style game offers a combination of puzzles, stealth, platforming, and action but players only get one hour to try out the game before the trial expires.

As usual, if you decide to purchase the games after the trial period, your progress will be carried over.