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Sony Santa Monica Creatives Video Series Draws to an End, Shannon Studstill Talks Teamwork

Bringing the curtain down on the studio’s documentary, today heralds the arrival of the fourth and final installment in Sony Santa Monica’s Creatives video series.

Entitled “Teamwork is Everything,” the four-minute clip focuses on Shannon Studstill, Head of Studio at SSM, and her path to overseeing the core creative team. 

Beyond the God of War franchise — a PlayStation staple at this point — Sony Santa Monica has developed a reputation for assisting other developers under the Sony umbrella, such as Giant Sparrow and The Chinese Room. 

Here, the studio outlines Studstill’s career thus far:

While their stories are candid, raw, and anything but normal, their expert crafts and collaboration within our creative walls hits the heart of what matters most to our studio culture – the team is everything.

In our final episode, Head of Santa Monica Studio, Shannon Studstill, takes you on a very unexpected and personal path that led her to leading a studio of creatives, and the importance of having tremendous faith in our collaborative processes, to build ground breaking experiences for PlayStation.

Previous episodes in the Sony Santa Monica Creatives series have shed light on Technical Architect Bart Wronski and Senior Staff Character Artist Rafael Grassetti.

[Source: PS Blog]