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Take a Closer Look at Shadow of the Beast’s Combat Mechanics

Shadow of the Beast developer, Heavy Spectrum, has released some new footage from the upcoming remake, offering a closer look at the game’s combat mechanics. Over on the PlayStation Blog, studio CEO Matt Birch explained that although combat is simple to understand and straightforward, it gets progressively challenging as players will have to face multiple enemies that respond to attacks in different ways, requiring them to devise an appropriate strategy. He further wrote:

Luckily you have a huge range of options available to you: basic attacks, counters, stun, throws, special attacks, evades, dodge rolls, the Wrath of Aarbron, Rage Chains, and — most importantly –the oft-overlooked but oh-so-important block button! When you master them, many of these moves have “perfect windows” in their timing as well that can grab you extra points.

The combo multiplier in particular is critical — it is applied to every kill so if you can get a really big multiplier then this can reward you with massive scores. But be super-careful — taking damage (or using a Rage Chain) will reset your combo multiplier back to one. Scoring big starts with not getting hit, and for that reason the most fundamental skill is learning to block effectively.

For more on combat, make sure to watch the video above.

Shadow of the Beast releases on May 17 for the PlayStation 4.

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