Square Enix Is Making More Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Editions

With the Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Edition selling through all 30,000 units shortly after being announced, and then going for three times the price on eBay, Square Enix revealed today that more units are being made, but they might not be available in time for launch on September 30:

Good news! We will be producing more #FFXV Ultimate Collector’s Editions which will be available worldwide!

Due to factors outside of our control though – there is a chance these new UCEs may not be ready by Sep 30 (the #FFXV release date). We’ll do our best to make sure the new UCEs are not delayed though & we’ll let you know how you can order one from the 2nd batch soon.

Priced at $270, the Ultimate Collector’s Edition includes the game, the Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV Blu-Ray, the Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV Blu-Ray, the Special Soundtrack Blu-Ray, a Play Arts -KAI- Noctis Ultimate Collector Edition figurine, an exclusive Brotherhood & Kingsglaive steelbook, and all DLC bonuses from the other editions.

As for today’s Active Time Report, Square Enix said that it will be in Japanese only without subtitles. “The plan is to talk to our Japanese fans about things happening in Japan which aren’t really relevant to our western fans,” they added. “Of course you can expect relevant ATRs in the future to be fully subtitled, and as usual we will tweet about any #FFXV news.”

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