Paragon Essentials Edition Includes $160 Worth of Content, Launch-Exclusive Wasteland Twinblast Skin

If you aren’t interested in the free-to-play version of Paragon currently available in Early Access on the PlayStation Store, developer Epic Games will be releasing the Paragon Essentials Edition on June 7 in North America for $59.99.

Worth more than $160 (based on in-game currency), the Essentials Edition includes a launch-exclusive Wasteland Twinblast skin, 6,000 Coins, and more:

6,000 Paragon Coins (worth $60)

  • In-game currency to spend on additional Master Challenges, skins, boosts, and other items that I’ll see as you stand over my corpse.

Five Hero Master Challenges

  • Each Master Challenge immediately grants a Challenger skin and permanent XP boost, plus unlocks unique rewards as you play, including a taunt (that you’ll use on me) and the Master skin.
  • Includes Master Challenges for Twinblast, Sevarog, Iggy & Scorch, and two soon-to-be-announced Heroes.

Five Skins, including the launch-exclusive Wasteland Twinblast skin

  • For now, you can only get the Wasteland Twinblast skin in the Essentials Edition.

Five Rep Boosts (each lasts for three wins)

  • Rep boosts speed up how quickly you earn Rep, which you can spend on card packs, Master Challenges, and more.

By pre-ordering, you’ll be given an additional 1,000 Paragon Coins.

[Source: PS Blog]