Sony Expects PS4 Sales To Increase This Fiscal Year and Exceed 17.7 Million

As part of Sony’s earnings report, they didn’t offer an outlook for the current fiscal year ending March 2017 because the impact of the April 14 earthquakes is still being evaluated, but CFO Kenichiro Yoshida said in a statement that they expect the PlayStation 4’s success to continue:

We expect the strong momentum of the PS4 platform to continue. Due to the impact of the earthquakes, there is a possibility that the supply of components from certain vendors might be affected, but even with that impact, at this point in time, we think that, in FY16, we can exceed the 17.7 million units of PS4 hardware that we sold in the previous fiscal year. Currently, we are considering a variety of ways to minimize the impact of the earthquake on the results in this business.

In a conference call, Yoshida said he’s heard that there’s been quite a “positive reaction” in the United States to PlayStation VR pre-orders, but since their launch quantity is so limited, it’s “not a big number.” He then added that there are no supply chain constraints, “however we are currently priming a not large number of VR units this fiscal year, because this is the year of the startup of the VR experience for our customers. So anyway, there’s no big negative supply chain concerns.”

With the PS4 sitting at 40 million shipped, do you think it will reach 60 million by March 31, 2017?

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