Battlefield 5 Name Mentioned In EA Access Tweet, World War 1 Setting Hinted

In a reply to someone asking when the free Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline DLC went live, the EA Access Twitter account seemingly revealed that Battlefield 5 is this year’s Battlefield title.

Elsewhere, DICE Senior Video & Media Director/Editor Randy Evans used the same poop emoji as Activision when talking about the upcoming reveal:


Additionally, former Battlefield developer Ben Cousins said, “In the run up to DICE’s BF5 announcement today – why not do some random reading?” He then linked to Codename Eagle, a PC game set in 1917 in an alternate timeline.

Update: Members on NeoGAF spotted artwork for the new Battlefield on the Xbox Games Store:


The full Battlefield reveal is happening today at 1pm PT/4pm ET, with the pre-show stream live on Twitch right now.

[Source: EA Access (Twitter), Ben Cousins (Twitter), NeoGAF via Eurogamer, VideoGamer]