Battlefield 1 Gun Attachments to Be “Era Authentic,” DICE Explains Why They Chose WW1 Setting

It’s no secret by now that DICE’s upcoming Battlefield title — Battlefield 1 — will be based on World War 1, but did they do it just to be different from the multitude of futuristic shooters crowding the market?

In an interview, DICE Producer Aleks Grondal answered this very question, and how some people in the studio have been waiting to do a game like this for 10 years.

We wanted to provide some really new gameplay opportunities. And we wanted to challenge ourselves. We had made a few games set in the modern era, quite a few in a row. We thought this setting had so much cool stuff in it, and it fit our needs. Also, it shouldn’t be a secret that this is for some people in the studio an idea they wanted to do for at least 10 years.

That’s not all the Battlefield 1 news we have today. Over on Twitter, the official Battlefield account held a short Q&A where a lot of gameplay details were answered, which include how gun attachments will work. If you were hoping for a red dot sight or night vision scopes, then you’re so out of luck.

Regarding server browsers, it wasn’t mentioned whether it’s just for PC or will also come to consoles. But seeing as previous Battlefield games had this nifty feature, I assume it’s coming to consoles as well.

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