Battlefield 1 Will See “Micro-Monetization Opportunities,” Large-Scale Content

EA offered up more details on Battlefield 1 during their recent earnings call, with CEO Andrew Wilson revealing that it will offer both “micro-monetization” options and large-scale content:

As we look at FY 2017, we are forecasting again continued growth in that category. Given that in Battlefield 1 you will see both macro-monetization opportunities from us like maps and large-scale content as well as micro-monetization opportunities, smaller increments of gameplay. And then over time what you will see from us is elements of gameplay that allow gamers to engage and drive and extend and enhance their experience much the way people will do with FIFA Ultimate Team or Madden Ultimate Team today. And we feel very confident in our ability to deliver that in a way that is deemed valuable by our player and drives increasing engagement over time with them.

According to Wilson, there’s two things they look at when thinking about adding extra monetization inside a game: “One, are we able to provide value to the gamer in terms of extending and enhancing their experience? And two, are we able to do that in a world where we give them choice?” Ultimately, they don’t want their games to turn into a pay-to-win experience.

Elsewhere, Wilson said that they’ve “set out to deliver the biggest and most innovative Battlefield game ever [with Battlefield 1], with a deep story and unprecedented variety in the gameplay powered by our Frostbite engine.”

CFO Blake Jorgensen also said that we’ll learn more about EA’s big titles this summer, during E3 2016 and gamescom in late summer. Around gamescom in August, there will most likely be “some further gameplay either in the form of a beta or something to that extent” for Battlefield 1.

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