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FIFA 17 Set to Take “Major Leap Forward” in Both Personalization and Immersion

Another tidbit to emerge from EA’s quarterly financial call yesterday related to the company’s flagship Sports division, where CEO Andrew Wilson revealed that FIFA 17 will represent a “major step forward” for the über-popular soccer sim. 

Not only that, but Madden NFL 17 and NHL 17 will also boast significant changes across “personalization, immersion and competition,” though Wilson stopped short of revealing what those enhanced features could entail. 

All three sport simulators are expected to uphold tradition and make their bow between July and September of this year. 

Expect EA Sports’ latest rendition of the beautiful game to land in September. Much like Battlefield 1 and EA’s mystery new IP, it’s all but certain FIFA 17 will feature during the publisher’s inaugural E3 Play event in June. 

[Source: EA via VideoGamer]