She Wants Me Dead Released Today on PS4 in North America & Europe

A side-scrolling platformer where traps and other things in the environment move in rhythm with the music, She Wants Me Dead from Hello There was released today for PlayStation 4 in North America and Europe, priced at $7.99/£7.39.

After Max pisses off his cat, Lula, he’s forced to run through a deadly gauntlet filled with traps, which is where the rhythm aspect comes in:

Cazzette’s new hit song plays a major role in the game. Lula’s traps and other things in the environment move in rhythm with the music. Are you groovy enough to help Max find safe passage? Or are you as stiff as the corpse he’ll be when the traps hit?

Hello There’s Oskar Hanska explained that they immediately decided to “avoid the procedural feeling of endless runners and put a lot of work into thoughtful level design,” making She Wants Me Dead “perfect for expert players looking for an amazing speed run challenge.” They’ve also included unlockable clothes and accessories for Max that are filled with pop culture references.

If you’re worried about growing tired of the same song playing over and over again, Hanska said, “We decided on a straightforward solution and after having replayed the game and its soundtrack track a ridiculous amount of times, we’ve still not stopped loving the song.”

Exophase shows that She Wants Me Dead includes eight Trophies, including two Gold, but no Platinum.

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