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World War I Researchers Analyze Battlefield 1 Trailer, Offer Fascinating Insight

Following its recent reveal, Battlefield 1‘s World War I setting has been an ongoing topic of discussion among gamers. Many believe DICE took a step in the right direction while others are skeptical about the series going that far back in time. Whatever your stance on this is, if you’re even remotely interested in finding out more about the first World War, then the 15-min video above is worth watching.

YouTube channel, The Great War, is dedicated to exploring that chapter in history and following Battlefield 1‘s reveal, they seem to have gained a lot of subscribers. In order to welcome them, the team decided to run a special episode that offers an in-depth analysis of the game’s first trailer and compares it with facts.

How historically accurate Battlefield 1 will turn out remains to be seen. DICE has at least promised era authentic weapons, vehicles and equipment, while stating that the studio wishes to challenge people’s preconceptions about World War I.

What do our readers think of this analysis?

[Source: The Great War (YouTube)]