Petition Aims to Get Negative Uncharted 4 Review Removed From Metacritic

Last week, The Washington Post posted a negative (and spoiler-filled) review of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Despite not giving a score in the review, Metacritic weighted it at a 4/10, making it the only negative review on the site (versus 90 positive reviews) and seemingly dropping the metascore from 94 to 93.

Yesterday, Uncharted 4 star Troy Baker posted a link to a petition on aiming to get The Washington Post review removed from Metacritic. Sitting at 4,600 supporters, the petition says, “I believe U4 is one of the greatest games ever created and it is my personal favorite for sure , although i can justify some reviewers giving it a 9 or an 8… this is a utter disgrace,” before adding:

Also , he never gave the game a rating in his review , so the 40/100 should either be removed from the metascore or added to his review. Things must be cleared. It’s about the respect that the developers deserve for all the amount of time and money put into this game. Even the editor of the Washington post is confused with this piece of biased journalism. Something needs to happen. Just look at the track record of this guy , Dark souls 2 worst game ever? One of the most acclaimed games in recent memory? Im okay with the guy expressing his opinion , but as i said , when its an official review it must be treated with professionalism and respect , and rules must be applied. This guy doesn’t deserve to be taken seriously by big , crucial sites like Metacritic. It harms the Flawless reputation of the game for absolutely no reason. A review is not about what you think a game is , its about what a game is. Objective measures are applied.

In a new update to the petition today, creator Dimitris Xorikos added that the purpose isn’t to have the review removed from The Washington Post, just from Metacritic. “A game review when the reviewer does not even mention gameplay and complains about the detail of the game , is not a game review , its a personal comment,” the update says. “And it should not judge a final product. He can express his opinion but it should not be taken into account. He is not a critic.”

Troy Baker also offered up this comment following his tweet about the petition:

Do you think the 4/10 review should be removed from Metacritic?

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